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Established Expertise.

A Repeat-Client Testimonial

“We rely on Hunter Housing Economics for our built-for-rent and multifamily studies because they prepare the most thorough and well-thought-out market studies available in the market today. That is also appreciated by our equity partners and lenders, who we have found place Hunter Housing Economics at the top of their approved market study vendor lists in markets all around the country because of their balanced and complete analysis. HHE does not merely deliver a powerful report; they provide a complete and bespoke consulting service that sets them apart from other research companies.”

--- Larry Baum, Managing Partner, Stellar Communities, Developer of over 3,000 residential units in Florida. 

Spotting Trends (Click on Video Clips)

Built-for-Rent Single-Family Strategies

Brad was invited to address the Housing Innovation Alliance about built-for-rent strategy. See the video, and see our RESOURCE PAGE  for 


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BTR Forecast Webinar, 2024

Click the image for commentary on the builders, the recent improvement in builder sales, and the ongoing pivot toward build-for-rent. 


Helping Builders, PE Funds, Developers, and Lenders to Prosper in Good Times and Bad

For 37 years, Brad Hunter has been tracking local market economies and has performed or directed many hundreds of site-specific market studies in dozens of markets around the country. He researched hundreds of residential opportunities, for most of the large homebuilding companies in the country, as well as dozens of banks, private equity funds, and opportunity funds.

He has demonstrated his vision, having told clients in February of 2004 that "within three years or less, we will see projects starting to fail," and at the bottom of the cycle, he guided firms (between 2009 and 2011) to buy residential land aggressively. Both of those advance calls allowed his clients to make money and avoid losses. He continues to watch for turning points and yet-unexploited opportunities, focusing heavily on built-for-rent single-family development (BFR). 

To the right is a clickable image linked to a July 27, 2022 article Brad contributed in Forbes, on the economic risks and BFR.

Recognized and Recommended by Equity Groups and Lenders

"Brad Hunter and his team were the go-to consultants for our [private equity] homebuilding joint ventures. We found the studies that Brad and his team prepared, and the advice provided, to be highly insightful and, frankly, indispensable. Brad helped us to identify and thoroughly research deals that yielded strong returns and directed his team to produce top-quality market study reports.

He also saved us from investing in marginal projects by warning us about project pitfalls and provided advice that we used to tighten our underwriting standards as we approached the market bubble. Today I continue to regard Hunter Housing Economics as my go-to team for residential consulting and studies."

-Marcus Buerosse, Strategic Asset Advisors, LLC and veteran of major Private Equity Firms and Pension Fund Advisors

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